UP Virata School of Business - MBA & MSFin Admission (2024)

The application to the MBA and MS Finance programs for AY2024-25 is now open.
All classes in the VSB graduate programs are held in hybrid mode. This will continue indefinitely until the UP Administration allows on-site, face-to-face classroom work (at the BGC Campus for the MBA & MSFin programs). Because of the uncertainty brought by the COVID-19 crisis, all dates are tentative and subject to change conditional on future events.
All applicants are required to: Fill out the online form, take an entrance examination, and submit application documents. A Google account is needed to upload the required documents. Find the full application process below


Deadline for submission of all MBA/MSFin Application documents AY 2024-2526 April 2024

Start of MBA/MSFin AY 2024-25 First Trimestermid-September 2024
Announcement of admitted MBA/MSFin Applicants for AY 2024-25 Intakeend-May 2024

The Application Process

    1. Get the link to the online application form. You are required to accomplish and submit this form, otherwise your application will not be considered.

    2. The applicant is required to take any one of the following examinations:

(a) the Graduate Program Admission Test (GPAT)

(b) the Graduate Records Examination (GRE)

(c) the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

More details about these examination providers can be found in 'The Admissions Tests' section below. Please visit their websites to learn about how to register and take the examination online.

    1. Submit the required documents/materials listed below. Electronic submission of documents is required.

    2. Initial screening is based on the GPAT, GRE, or GMAT scores and the submitted credentials.

    3. Applicants may be called for interview by the Admissions Committee.

Online Application Form

To start the online application process, send an email to VSB.application@gmail.com with "Application Form Request" in the subject box. A link to the online application form will automatically be sent to you by email.

Note:(a) Avoid typographical errors in the subject box or the link will not be sent.

(b) Users of email filters like Boxbe have to make their own adjustments to receive the link.

Do the following upon receipt of the email:

  1. Click on the link and fill out the form.

  2. Click on the submit button after completing the form.

    • An acknowledgement page stating that your submission has been recorded should appear, and

    • A message is sent to your primary email address if your submission was received.

  3. Applicants should submit an electronic copy of their documents on or before the designated deadline of submission (refer to Important Admission Dates section). The link for uploading the documents can be accessed through the Online Graduate Application Form.

  4. Pay the application fee. See instructions in the Application Fee section below.

Documents Required for Admission

The documents and materials required for admission are as follows:

From the Applicant

    1. Transcript of Records. (Photocopy or PDF if submitting online) Those who will qualify for admission to the program must also submit the original copy.

    2. Proof of Employment. Obtain a certificate indicating your duties and responsibilities. A minimum of 2 years' work experience is required.

    3. Curriculum Vitae with a 2x2 photograph.

    4. Statement of Purpose. The essay should be a 3 to 4-page double-spaced document written in English. It should be uploaded as a PDF or Word document.

Instructions to upload a copy of these documents will be sent to you once you have submitted the online application form.

From Two Referees

    1. Letter of recommendation (to be submitted by two referees chosen by the applicant). The referee may send the letter as an attachment to mba@up.edu.ph or uploaded online. A Google account is needed to be able to submit online.

    2. Completed online referee evaluation form.

To start the refereeing process, the referee must send an email to VSB.application@gmail.com with "Recommendation Form Request" in the subject box. A link to the recommendation form and instructions on file uploading will be sent to the referee upon receipt of the email.

The Admission Tests & Test Fees

All applicants are required to take an entrance/admission test. They can choose to take any one of the following alternative tests: GPAT, GRE, or GMAT.

Graduate Program Admission Test (GPAT)

The GPAT is administered by the Business Research Foundation (UP BRF). The examination covers logic, basic quantitative skills, and reading/language comprehension. It takes 4 hours to complete (including breaks). Applicants who wish to take the GPAT should register using this form: https://forms.gle/7A8o1m7nHsGyDAZs6.

The cost of the GPAT is Php 2,500 (inclusive of VAT). The examination is scheduled on April 14, 2024 and will be held at the Virata School of Business (VSB) Building in UP Diliman. The following options are available for payment of the GPAT examination fee:

1. Online deposit

2. Direct deposit through any branch of Philippine National Bank

3. Pay cash directly at the UP BRF Office located at Room 202, 2nd floor of VSB.

Use the following details for Options 1 and 2

Bank Name: Philippine National Bank

Savings Acct No.: 1086 1002 1630


After payment using any of the first 2 options, the applicant must email proof of deposit:

TO: corazon.manalang@gmail.com; genidina_marty@yahoo.com

CC: rpdavid@up.edu.ph

with "MBA/MS Finance GPAT Examination Fee" in the subject box (without the quotes).

Graduate Records Exam (GRE)

Applicants who wish to take the GRE should contact the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the company which administers the GRE, at 60376283333 or visit their website at www.ets.org/gre and have their scores sent to the University of the Philippines Cesar E. A. Virata School of Business, (code 1607). For the GRE score report to reach us before the application deadline, applicants should take the GRE before February. The cost of the GRE is USD190.00. You can find the online examination information here.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

Applicants who wish to take GMAT should register for the examination at www.mba.com and select the University of the Philippines Cesar E. A. Virata School of Business, (code DNQ-RM-65), as a score receiving school. The cost of the GMAT is USD250.00. You can find the online examination information here.

Application Fee

Upon completion of the online application form, the applicant will receive a SOA/bill of payment via email.

The following payment methods are available for the payment of the PHP150.00 application fee:

  1. Cash at the UP VSB/Diliman Cash Office

  2. Online via Landbank's Link.Biz Portal (link: https://www.lbp-eservices.com/egps/portal/index.jsp)

  3. Online via GCash Bills Payment

View instructions here for online payment.

If payment was processed online (via Landbank or Gcash), the applicant must email the (1) Proof of Payment and (2) SOA/bill of payment to cashoffice.upd@up.edu.ph for confirmation.

Once payment is confirmed by the UP Cash Office, the applicant must email the (1) Proof of Payment and (2) Confirmation of Payment from UP Cash Office to rpdavid@up.edu.ph with "MBA/MS Finance/PhD Application Fee" in the subject box (without the quotes).

Information for International Applicants

An international applicant/student is a citizen of a country other than the Philippines. The MBA & MSFin Programs welcome applications for admission from international applicants. Applicants should take the GRE, or GMAT, or NMAT by GMAC, and TOEFL exams, in lieu of the GPAT.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

International applicants except those with bachelor's degrees from the US, UK, New Zealand and Australian Universities must demonstrate fluency in English by taking the TOEFL (code B151), also administered by ETS.

Visa & Immigration Information





Housing in the Diliman campus

There are several lodging facilities within the Diliman campus that accommodate graduate students. For a list of these lodging facilities, click here. Admission into the MBA and MSFin program does not ensure availability of lodging facilities on campus.

UP Virata School of Business - MBA & MSFin Admission (2024)
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