Educational Sector Furnishings

Create interiors elegant and sleek enough for any classroom

The Kaz Co. has a long history working with educators and we have the experience to make any interior design project a success. We know the effort it takes to navigate ever-tightening budgets, changing trends and demanding requirements. And most importantly we don’t think that you should have to settle based solely on your budget.

By working with Kaz you have an almost unlimited scope of solutions available to you.  As a single source of contact we’re able to save you money and valuable time on any design project. What that means is that we handle every portion of your project. From planning, to gathering the pieces, to installation and finally quality control–Kaz handles it all. It’s our way of ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship and quality possible.

Thanks to our company’s long history we have experience and insight into serving the educational sector. We believe that we can effectively assist purchasing executives who must navigate through changing trends, ever tightening budgets and demanding requirements. There is a recurring belief, especially in the realm of higher education, that an institution must settle based on its budget. Here at The Kaz Co. we have spent the last 60 plus years helping educational institutions realize that they have an almost unlimited scope of solutions and selections available to them. And it is this attitude that has given us the advantage in working with education facilities and has enabled us to help our clients thrive.

That’s what you’re getting by working with Kaz, the attitude and the know how to complete design projects which exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves in creating a working relationship that is as effective as it is effortless. With the right partner at your side finding and implementing the best solutions doesn’t have to be a challenge.

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