Color in Design

  SIGNIFICANCE OF COLOR IN DESIGN Color is a very important part in any setting and is an inseparable part of our everyday lives. It is in everything we see and do, effecting our emotions, efficiency, and connectivity. The use of color matters greatly in making correct decisions in design. PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOR The use […]

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The Basics of Window Treatments

There are several factors that should be considered in the selection of window treatments. The window functions to allow light in as well as frame a view of the outside. It also has an impact on the temperature of the room by transmitting heat and cold. What the room is designed to be used for […]

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Self-sanitizing Interiors

Most of us are blissfully unaware of the microorganisms that share our living environments. Fighting off germs that are common to our home environments strengthens our immune systems. Advance years or conditions of bodily stress can weaken or overwhelm the immune system. This is why it is crucial for medical care and senior living facilities […]

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Restaurant’s Atmosphere Suffers Due To Remodeling

There was a restaurant (a.k.a. diner) that was a personal favorite of mine. It had a mix of booths and table and chair seating. There were glass partitions on the booth seats as well as a few structural partitions at the entry of the table seating area. The tables and chairs were the traditional, somewhat […]

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Buildings Designed For Versatility

The traditional approach to the construction of buildings for public use has been to construct both the exterior and interior lay out with a fixed view of the uses each space would serve. In school design, for example, the classrooms were constructed with fixed walls to create spaces for seating the projected number of students. […]

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Trends In College Bound Student Culture

The young adults arriving on college campuses today are very different from those of ten and twenty years ago. With colleges in fierce competition to draw these students, they have had to consider these differences in the renovating and design of their facilities. Students today have fully integrated the laptop computer into their academic and […]

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