About Us

Gary Kazanjian is President and Chief Creative Officer of The Aram A. Kaz Co.  The organization is a family owned and operated corporation with over 60 years of extensive experience in providing furniture, furnishings and finishes. KAZ attributes its longevity to its attention to detail as well as to its creative and functional vision that offers unparalleled practical and imaginative guidance to its clients.

KAZ’s approach to total solutions the Kaz Pro Process which is a system they developed over their many decades in business. Each step of the process highlights a specific way in which the organization leverages their experience to provide the best possible results for their clients.

Listening to the Clients

KAZ starts each project by taking the time to understanding their client’s vision and requirements. KAZ has the goal and passion to turn these visions into reality. They do that by gathering information on operating budgets, style preferences and any other key elements which need to be considered. The organization takes all of that information and then prepares a customized presentation of options and appealing solutions. Ultimately, KAZ listens to their clients to gain a full understanding of their needs and wants.


From there KAZ will make adjustments to the proposal until the client is completely satisfied. The organization feels that a crucial part of their job is problem solving and doing whatever they can to remove obstacles between our clients and their goals.

Comprehensive Solutions

KAZ provides the greatest benefit on a project when they’re involved before specifications are finalized. In part, this is because their affiliations with a wide array of manufacturers that gives their clients access to resources they may not be aware of. While working with KAZ you’re receiving more than the organizations counsel and expertise, the client is also getting products guaranteed to meet the demands of environmental stewardship, energy efficiency, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal.

Kaz has the resources to navigate the planning, budgeting, design and execution of any project. They’re able to do that thanks to their experience and the connections they’ve established in the industry. As a family owned and operated company they understand the importance of relationships. No matter the job size or your budget you can’t go wrong by hiring Kaz. Let them prove it, they know you won’t be disappointed.


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